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Unlock the power of event stream processing with the Apache Kafka™ technology

Create more values by getting access to your data as real-time streams.

Kafka Core

Kafka is a distributed, fault-tolerant and highly scalable streaming platform that allow you to build real-time systems that can process millions of messages per second without data loss.

Apache Kafka

Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is a data integration framework for connecting external systems, such as databases, message brokers, Hadoop platforms to an Apache Kafka cluster. Many connectors already exist and are available in open-source.

Kafka Streams

Kafka Streams is a development library for building complex data flow processing applications, similar to other solutions such as Spark or Flink. Kafka Streams makes easy and accelerates the implementation of microservices architectures based on Apache Kafka.

Get successful by providing to your team advanced support for Apache Kafka™

Our role is to help you succeed with the Apache Kafka™ solution by increasing the skills of your teams and sharing best development practices, with the guidance of a StreamThoughts expert at each key stage of your project.

We help you align your business priorities with the technological possibilities offered by the Apache Kafka™ platform toto take full advantage of event streaming.

Our Consulting & Training Services

Our commitment to quality

We work closely with Confluent.Inc, the company founded by the team that created Apache Kafka™, which develops the leading event streaming platform, to ensure our clients receive the best possible expertise from our consultants and industry best practices.

Streams Operations Fast Start

We can help you implement a ready-to-use Apache Kafka™ (or Confluent) platform in a few days, installed with industry best practices to save you time and cost early in your project.

Integrated with :

  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
Apache Kafka Monitoring