We ❤️ Open Source

StreamThougts is proud to make its contribution to the mouvement.

Code It, Open-Source It,
Have Fun With It!

We believe that open source is a key enabler of technological innovation and that's why we want to be part of this enriching community that continues to transform our industry.

At StreamThoughts, we develop and maintain community projects on our own GitHub organization, while trying to contribute as much as possible to the open source projects we work with.

Our Open Source Projects

Awesome Contribs for Apache Kafka


A curated list of awesome open-source frameworks, libraries, tools and examples for the Apache Kafka project.

#awesome-list #contributions

Azkarra Streams


Azkarra is a lightweight java framework which makes easy to create production-ready Kafka Streams applications.

#kafkastreams #http #microframework #webui

Cheat Sheet for Apache Pulsar


This cheat sheet is filled with some handy tips, commands and code snippets to get you streaming data using Apache Pulsar in no time!

#pulsar #code snippets

Kafka Specs


Tool to ease and automate the configuration management of Apache Kafka clusters.

#manager #automation #devops #config #acl

Kafka Clients Kotlin


This projects gives Kotlin bindings and several extensions for Apache Kafka Clients.

#kotlin #clients

Kafka Connect Client Java


Java client library for Apache Kafka Connect REST Interface.

#client #kafka

Kafka Connect File Pulse


Multi-purpose Kafka Connect (source) for streaming files from a local filesystem to Kafka.

#kafka connect #integration #file #parsing #grok

Kafka Connect Grok Transformation


The Apache Kafka® SMT io.streamthoughts.kafka.connect.transform.Grok allows parsing unstructured data text into a data Struct from the entire key or value using a Grok expression.

#kafka connect #SMT

Kafka Monitoring Stack Docker Compose


A suite of tools to help set up the moninotring of an Apache Kafka cluster.

#kafka #monitoring #operations #grafana

Kafka Streams CEP


Library build on top of Kafka Streams to detect complex event patterns from real-time data streams.

#kafka streams #cep #analytics