Azkarra Streams

Azkarra Streams is a lightweight Java framework which makes easy to develop and operate Kafka Streams applications (Azkarra is Basque word for 'Fast').


Accelerate Time-To-Market.

Kafka Streams is an open-source library for developing streaming applications and microservices, in Java and Scala, based on Apache Kafka®. The project Azkarra Streams provides advanced features and a development framework to facilitate and accelerate the creation of Kafka Streams applications. This solution is the result of our experience in various projects and implements industry best practices.

Azkarra Streams

Key Features

Developer Friendly

Azkarra allows you to run Interactive Queries natively through a API REST. It allows you to manage, visualize and monitor your Kafka Streams topology via an embedded strong>user interface. Azkarra can automatically populate the Kafka topics needed to start your application. Azkarra also facilitates the externalization of the topology configuration.


Azkarra offers functionalities that are essential to all Kafka Streams applications, for smooth production deployment (Healthcheck, Metrics, Dead Letter Topic). It allows you to easily monitor the status of your application through a REST API compatible with Prometheus.


Azkarra allows you to quickly secure access to your data and application with different security mechanisms (SSL/TLL, Basic Authentication).

Azkarra Streams WebUI

Explore, Visualize and Monitor your Kafka Streams application.

Kafka Streams Management
Deploy, stop and restart your Kafka Streams application directly from a web interface. Access configuration, metrics and status of running applications.

Topology Vizualization
Quickly explore the execution graph generated by your application to understand and optimize its design.

Interactive Queries
Azkarra WebUI allows you to easily execute interactive queries and explore in real-time the data calculated by your applications.

StreamThoughts Commitment to Open Source

The Azkarra Streams project is an initiative to enrich the Apache Kafka Streams open-source ecosystem by making it easier for developers to use and adopt the Kafka Streams solution. Azkarra Streams is an open-source project released under the following license: Apache License 2.0. The full source code is available under GitHub.

Kafka Streams Experts

The Azkarra Streams solution is developed and updated by the open-source community and by the StreamThoughts team that initiated the project.