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Training Courses & Workshops

Sharing is at the heart of our culture. Each of our instructors is a technical expert with a significant field experience that will guarantee you the best support in your personal upskill or that of your teams.
We offer four training formats to best fit your needs:

Advanced three-days course including practical exercises. This format is perfect for people looking to develop or perfect their skills for a project implementation.

One-day interactive course to make your teams aware of a technology. This format is perfect for promoting the usages of a solution being adopted by your enterprise and/or communicating on regarding good practices.

Lunch discovery
One or two-hours prresentation which are organized most often during lunch break. This user-friendly format is perfect for discovering new technologies and contributing to the technological watch of your teams.

Hands-on :
From 3-hours to one-day workshop to get a first practical overview of a new technology. This course format is perfect for teams starting a new project and want to avoid commons pitfalls and maximize efficency.


Kafka Streams - Advanced skills for developing stream processing applications

(Course Duration : 3 Days)

1950 € HT - per attendee

During this instructor-led three-day hands-on we will learn how to use advanced Kafka Streams API and discuss best-practices for both for development and production.


Apache Kafka Streaming Platform - Architecture & Ecosystem

(Course Duration : 1 Day)


During this instructor-led one-day workshop you will have the opportunity to have an overview to the Apache Kafka platform. We will introduce and discusss the architectures concepts and usages of Kafka Core, Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams.