Our expertise & solutions in real-time streaming platforms

Turn Real-Time Stream Processing Into A Competitive Advantage

Gain competitive advantage by processing your data faster

We help you to design, build and deploy robust and performant modern streaming solutions to harness your data in real-time.

Our Technology Stack

Through our experiences we have developed strong skills on open source technologies which are used by most important industry leaders.

StreamThoughts Event Streaming Stack

Build distributed, resilient and scalable systems that will give you the flexibility to support your business growth

Online Event Processing (OLEP)
Raise event logs architectures to the level of your application programming model to achieve consistency across heterogeneous data systems.
We use both event-processing and transactional approaches to implement large-scale applications with the use of technologies such as Apache Kafka, Cassandra.

CQRS & Event-Sourcing
Explore strong design strategies to ensure fault-tolerance and high-availability of your mission-critical systems. We relies on CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns not only to build asynchronsouly applications but also to harness different data-storage systems with different access patterns to respond to your highest challenges.

Cloud-Native Apps
Whatever the industry, the market is not waiting for us! Accelerating time-to-market, reducing risk and resistance to change while developing and deploying applications is no longer an option. We help you to provide high-performance systems that are fully exploitable on native cloud infrastructures such as Kubernetes.

Data Integration

Enable fast and timely access to valuable data regardless of where it resides

Change Data Capture
Change data entry (CDC) technology is designed to read directly from the transaction logs of the source systems so as not to strain the production systems. We help you integrate these solutions to replicate data from your existing databases in real time.

Kafka Connect
Get your data when you need it by converging various source systems with different data-type towards a unified integration pipeline using pre-build Kafka Connectors. We take advantage of the Kafka streaming platform to enable the data-integration principal : « Extract Once, Use Many ».

Detect your business moments while they happen and turn them into strategic opportunities

Modern technologies can handle very high throughput rates of events and messages per seconds. Extracting value from your data before it goes dark is an operational necessity to stay ahead of your competitors. We deliver skills to build scalable and low-latency streaming platform that enable actionable insights and predictions in near real-time - « Let's process your data today, not tomorrow »!

Handle millions of messages per seconds
Use stream processing engines like Apache Flink and Kafka Streams Apache Flink to build powerful analytical systems that will truly impact on your business by creating new user-experiences.

Continuous Queries
Harness the power of SQL supported by solutions like Apache Flink and Confluent KSQL to apply continuous queries over never-ending data streams.

Complex Event Processing (CEP)
Stream processing approaches like Complex Event Processing supported by Apache Flink and Kafka Streams enable real-time detection of relevant event sequences having strong business meaning.