The leading French start-up in event streaming.

"Enable developers and our customers to be more impactful and successful through open-source technologies."

StreamThoughts is an IT consulting company specialized in event streaming technologies and data engineering, which was founded in 2020 by a group of technical experts. Our mission is to help organizations create value and innovation from the opportunities offered by real-time data processing technologies.

We position ourselves as a company of technological expertise, training and publishing of open-source solutions.

Based in the Paris region, we operate throughout France and its neighbouring countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg).

Have a meaningful impact through each of our achievements and your projects.

The technological changes are continuously growthing while their adoption curve is becoming faster and faster. Establishing a sustainable strategy to integrate both the diversity and the possibilities of technology innovations into business and technical teams represents a mission critical challenge.

We help our clients to understand how these innovations will have a positive impact on their business and how to implement them effectively to bring them to the scale of their organization and their major challenges.

Driving success through knowledge sharing.

We strongly believe that moving forward the industry and contributing to the success of our clients' projects must be done by sharing what we learn.

We are committed to distill, without compromise, our knowledges with the all the people we meet.

We encourage all of our contributors to share both their successes and failures through open-source projects, blog posts and during events .

Always seeking new practices to bring you the highest level of expertise.

Our team is committed to continuously raise the bar of their technical skills, all while seeking new engineering practices, to provides to our clients the highest level of expertise and the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

Our passion for problem solving drives us to develop tools and frameworks that improve the productivity of our customers by bridging the gaps between open-source and enterprise solutions .

We cultivate our passions and our differences

We are a community of passionate who strongly believe in innovative technologies to create better human experiences. We work everyday with the aim to solve our customers' toughest challenges, all while seeking to reinvent our craft by creating new practices.

We want to be a model of community open to the world and its possibilities. We work with talented people to create a stimulating work place where everyone can learn from others and teach to others.

We cultivate the passions and the differences of each because we see it as an opportunity to grow together.