We focus our expertise in Event Streaming and Apache Kafka

We are a small team of experts specialized in Apache Kafka and its related solutions. We support our clients in their transition to «event streaming»

Our wealth of experience in data architectures, event stream processing and with solutions such as Apache Kafka will ensure the success of your project at all key stages of its lifecycle.

Your event-driven solution.

Event streaming technology is becoming a core component of enterprise architecture; it brings various benerfits to organizations that search to reenginer how data flows between their systems for improving decision-making speed and accuracy.

Event-driven Microservices

Building distributed and loosely coupled services that communicate with events (pub/sub messaging).


Using streaming platforms (or event brokers) as primary data storage. Continuously materialized the states of your applications as data flows through your systems.

Streaming ETL pipeline

Connecting all data producer and consumer systems in a unified and governed data pipeline.

Realtime Analytics

Processing of data in motion helps to react and trigger actions before the moment past. We can support you for building realtime analytics applications, essential to provide insights for making better decisions quickly.

Our Technologies.

Apache Kafka Apache Pulsar Apache Flink Kubernetes Elasticsearch

Apache Kafka
Profesionnal Services & Expertise

We deliver high-quality professional services around Apache Kafka™ ecosystem and Confluent.Inc streaming platform.

Architecture and Engagement


About to start a new project or move into production. Do you need an expert to assist your team in a solution design ?

KafkaStreams and KSQL Quickstart

KafkaStreams &
KSQL Quickstart

Would you like to quickly evaluate Kafka Streams to optimize a business process or a user experience with real time capabilities ?

Integration and Automation

Integration &

Would you like to improve the reliability of new Apache clusters deployments using industry best practices ?

Performance and Tuning Evaluation

Performance &
Tuning Evaluation

Already have a production Kafka cluster but want to optimize its performance and availability to guarantee scalability ?

Data Integration and Kafka Connect

Data Integration &
Kafka Connect

Would you like to implement Kafka Connect for integrate data into existing systems ?

Security and Health Check

Security & Health Check

Looking for and expert to assist you to secure an Apache Kafka platform ?

Technology & Consulting